7 Basic Miracle Memory Techniques

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About Course

How many times in a day do you feel lost? Searching for something, searching for papers, wondering if you turned the stove off or not, struggling to remember list of work to be done,grocery, or remembering numbers?

If answer to any of the above question is yes, you are at the correct place.

Why one more memory course? When you search for Memory courses, either you get technical heap of techniques and or a combination of Theoretical knowledge that is not definitely interesting to learn. Even I have wasted lot of money on these as I always wanted to present myself with that factor of WOW that comes when you use and show your memory.

After lot of struggle I could actually master the Memory Techniques, and as I demonstrate them as a part of my presentation to the crowds,they are just left out tongueless and astonished with my memorizing capacity.

So I planned of sharing such simple techniques,not overloading you with too much theory or too heavy techniques. But a set of basic 7 techniques, which are simple but powerful tools you can use in your Daily life to help yourselves.

As is in any technique, you will need practice to Master each of them, but be rest assured once you get expertise in this you will transform your memorizing and remembering capacities to an unbelievable, extraordinary and miraculous level.

This one hour 40 minutes of Practical Course contains Practice Worksheets included as resources for further explanations. You can approach me anytime throughout the lifetime, as this course is available to you for lifetime once you purchase it, so you can stay in touch for the lifetime with me.

Do not forget to visit the course page even after completion, as I will keep on adding newer techniques and more refined skills as I get feed-backs and am always ready for improvisations:

Course Goals:

To teach my students basic memory techniques to improve Day-to-day Memory skills

To teach Miraculous and Extraordinary levels of Memorization skills with simple and basic techniques.

After this Course you will be able to,

Memorize lists, numbers and remember things easily.

Cure your “ABSENTMINDEDNESS” once for all

I Welcome you to this simple yet Miraculous Memory course.

Ahoy,Let’s Take a dive….

Course Content

Section 1: 7 Basic Memory Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Technique 1: Remember Vocabulary Easily
  • Learning and Association: Link Method
  • Technique 2: Remembering List of Words
  • Technique 3: Memorizing Unrelated Words
  • Technique 4:Serial Data Processing: The Peg System
  • Technique 5: Remember numbers with sound: The Phonic System
  • Technique 6: Memorize Beyond Limits! – The Memory Map
  • Technique 7: Overcoming Absentmindedness
  • What Next?