Build An MP3 Player With Python And TKinter GUI Apps

About Course

n this course I’ll teach you how  to make graphical user interfaces for Python using TKinter.  You’ll be surprised just how quickly you can create some pretty cool looking apps!

We’ll be building an MP3 player in this course that will have a song playlist, be able to play a song, stop a song, pause a song and move forward and backwards in the playlist.

We’ll also create a volume slider so that users can adjust the volume of the music.

Finally, we’ll create a slider that will allow the user to fast forward or rewind within a song to a specific position in the song.

If you’ve ever wanted to create GUI apps with Python, this is the course for you!

Course Content

Section 1: Introduction

  • Course Introduction
  • Install Python
  • Install Sublime Text And Git Bash Terminal
  • Set Up Virtual Environment
  • First TKinter Program

Section 2: Set Up The Basic TKinter App

Section 3: Play Songs With PyGame and TKinter

Section 4: Sliders

Section 5: Conclusion