COVID19 Protect Me: Device Warns You if Your Hand near Face

About Course

In this course you will learn how to Make a device that will literally help you protect yourself from Viruses and Other diseases that Transfer by hand!

We all know that touch your face is a bad habit that we can’t get rid of! When you touch an infected surface or person with your hand, you become a virus carier, and that virus waits for you to touch your face so that it can move from your hand to your mouth and nose, once this happen, the virus will find its way to the inside of your body causing illness, feavor and in some major cases Death!

Today together we will make a device that will help you get rid of the (Touch Your Face) habit.

Course Content

Section 1: Introduction

  • Introduction

Section 2: Hardware and Software Requirements

Section 3: Concept Explained

Section 4: Project Circuit Diagram

Section 5: Adding Arduino To Make the Device Smarter

Section 6: 3D Case Design