Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks: Get in Pro Mode

About Course

Every day, for most of your day, you work on your computer, using Microsoft office Software bundle,

What if you could do you work in half the time, or do twice as much in the same amount of time it takes you today?

This course will make you FASTER and More Professional.

You’ll go through the major programs of Word and PowerPoint and learn Tips and Tricks that will help you do your everyday work much faster and with less energy, You’ll also learn some super-speed tips.

So join the course and let’s start getting faster at Microsoft Office today!

Course Content

Section 1: Introduction and Getting Started

  • Introduction

Section 2: Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks

Section 3: Certificate using Microsoft Word

Section 4: Template in Microsoft Word

Section 5: Indexing using Microsoft Word

Section 6: Use Your Voice for Writing